Friday, September 3, 2010

General Housekeeping/Link Dump

Well, I feel terrible that I didn't actually write down at least a few notes after reading Mockingjay, because now I don't really know what to say. But here's one little nugget: I really enjoyed that Katniss finally realized how unlikeable she is. (Or am I the only person that doesn't like her? I find Katniss to be fairly stereotypical for the genre.)

THIS PARAGRAPH CONTAINS SPOILERS, SO DOES THE LINK) But here, read this. Bookshelves of Doom does a great job of rationalizing decisions Suzanne Collins made that may not sit well with your everyday reader. I will say this and no more by way of spoilers, though: I CAN NOT believe she pulled a Rowling with that epilogue! Oh how the anger burns within me!

Anyways, Looking for Alaska is one of my all time favorite books as it had a profound impact on my life as a reader, writer, and a human being. About a month ago John Green went back to his old high school, the setting for LfA, and reflects on memory, nostalgia, and writing in this video. It's oh so wonderful.

Also, I just stumbled upon this! Nick and Norah is another one of my all time faves, and while Cohn and Levithan's second effort, Nick and Ely's No Kiss List, didn't really do much for me (and, honestly, neither did Will Grayson) I'm super excited to see what Dash & Lily have to offer.

Lastly in the YA world, the movie adaptation of Sara Zarr's Story of a Girl was mentioned in a Yahoo article this morning, and also has its own IMDB page which is looking pretty darn legit.

And while we're talking about both movie adaptations and books that changed my life, here's the trailer for It's Kind of A Funny Story. Looks like they might have done a pretty decent job. No denying they rounded up a stellar cast for it!

Oh and I might as well throw in this tidbit. One of my favorite directors, Jason Reitman, is once again teaming up with Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody to make a movie about.....YA! If you google around, there's been a bit more speculation and such than is provided on imdb, but I think I've dumped enough on you for one night, don't you?

a tout a l'heure!

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