Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Funny, funny, funny

I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be your Class President by Josh Lieb

Published October 2009 by Razorbill
304 pgs, $10.71 (list price on amazon)

The title speaks for itself. An eighth grader with a secret lair under his house and the third richest man in the world at his service tries to win his class president election to please his painfully true to life parents. To make the whole situation funnier, no one knows he is an evil genius, not even his parents. He fakes his way through "normal" life, pretending to be dumber than dirt.

This is a very smart comedy, written in language that middle aged readers will relate to. Lieb's world is a child's fantasy world, a world that sounds like it should be portrayed as a children's cartoon rather than a novel, but it works so well in its written format. Lieb constructs is in the style of a scholarly essay, footnotes and color plates and all. I really don't have any complaints against this one. It's a fun ride.

Plot Development - 8
Character Development - 8
Depth - 6.5
Voice - 8
Average Rating - 7.6

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